Members Area

Members Area

In 2016 the MNACVPR Board Members made the decision to become a joint affiliate of AACVPR, so it is no longer an option to be a MNACVPR member only. To become a member of MNACVPR you now have to be an AACVPR member.

Why did we decide this was a good decision?

  • When looking at our membership we saw a large number of people who were AACVPR members and a very small number of people who were just MNACVPR members so it seemed like a good transition time since most people were already going to AACVPR exclusively.

What does this decision mean for you?

  • All aspects of becoming a member will be handled at a national level, for both AACVPR and MNACVPR
  • All AACVPR members will become MNACVPR members, there will no longer be an option to be just a state member
  • AACVPR membership with education advantage program will be offered at a discounted rate! Meaning, you will pay less for your AACVPR membership but will have access to 10 CE courses at no additional cost.

Please let us know if you have any questions/concerns regarding this change.

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