President's Corner

President’s Corner

President’s Letter


August 8, 2018


Greetings MNACVPR members and colleagues,


I’d like to share some exciting updates with you.

Over the past several months, MNACVPR leadership has focused on refining our goals within the organization’s over-arching mission: to support cardiovascular and pulmonary professionals and their programs.

One of our priorities is to provide increased opportunity for involvement. As part of our strategic plan, we established three new committees; an Education Committee, the Innovation Committee and the Membership Relations Committee.

Traditionally we’ve relied on quarterly board meetings to conduct the work of the organization. Moving forward we anticipate this new structure will help us gain momentum because the committees will use a virtual meeting format.  Work will continue throughout the year and the committee chair-person will report on progress during our quarterly board meetings.  We also hope to gain fresh perspectives and energy from new committee members (MNACVPR membership- a requisite).

As always, we extend an open invitation to join us for board meetings. If, however, a gradual approach to involvement appeals to you, please consider joining one of the committees.

Below you will find a brief description of each group and the chair-person to contact for more information. Also feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns you may have.

On behalf of MNACVPR leadership- we look forward to hearing from you.


Anita LaHaye, President MNACVPR        


Education Committee: The Education Committee will strive to provide current and innovative educational opportunities for cardiac and pulmonary rehabilitation professionals and students. This will include networking with educational institutions, enhancing the Disease Management website, and organizing the annual state conference.                                                               Chair: Kari Weber


Innovation Committee: The Innovation Committee will support, advocate and promote program and professional ingenuity across the state by challenging members to “think outside the box” and try new initiatives in order to promote high value programs.                 Chair: Shawn Leth


Membership Relations Committee: The mission of the Membership Relations Committee is to act as an avenue by which MNACVPR conveys information/education to the members, as well as outreach to non-members and MN hospital systems. We are currently working on developing a distribution list that includes members and a contact within every hospital in MN that has a cardiac and/or pulmonary rehabilitation program.                                                                                                                                       Chair: Teresa Fietek

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