President's Corner

President’s Corner

Greetings MNACVPR members,

I find it hard to believe, that just a week ago we concluded MNACVPR’s 29th Annual conference. To those of you who joined us in Plymouth, I hope you enjoyed yourselves, and I thank you for attending. Judging by your feedback and the satisfaction survey results, I’m happy to report the event was a success!

In keeping with our mission to be a transparent organization, this year, we chose to incorporate the transition of leadership as a witnessed component of the conference. I expected to announce the results of our balloting and introduce you to those appointed to new leadership roles. We welcomed Julie Czeck as our new secretary and Kris Mrosak as president-elect. What I didn’t expect was that as Teresa Lee approached the podium to assume her role as president, immediate-past president Whitney Quast surprised me with a send-off including very kind and generous remarks. I suspect it was also transparent that I was quite moved and touched, so much so, that I couldn’t find the words that I’d like to share with you now.

Simply put, I want to thank you for the opportunity; it was indeed my privilege and honor to serve.

As you all know, concerning volunteer work, it’s common that you receive much more than you give. That has certainly been the case for me and my time with MNACVPR. My hope for all of you, is that you continue to join in on the fun; networking with outstanding colleagues who inspire you and refresh your vision on a regular basis. Committee membership or even a time-limited task force would be a great way to start!

In closing I wish to say that I am proud of our organization and of the meaningful work each of you do every day, providing compassionate, quality care to our cardiac and pulmonary rehabilitation patients.

Most Respectfully Yours,

Anita LaHaye, RN MNACVPR Immediate past-president

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